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Mandurah Mussel Growers Needed

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

The Nature Conservancy Australia has launched round two of the Mandurah Mussel Project, where Mandurah residents with jetties grow mussels in underwater baskets to form part of shellfish reefs being built in the Peel-Harvey Estuary.

More than 200kg of mussels were ‘put to bed’ off Wannanup jetty at the end of last year - Round 1 of the project.

Two mussel reefs over about the size of two tennis courts or 500 square metres will be build at key points in the estuary to help improve its health.

A large well established shellfish reef could filter up to 2 billion litres of water per year! The reef will also form a marine habitat that binds sediment, creates food and homes for may invertebrates and fish and supports foraging fish, dolphins and seabirds.

This project is a great opportunity for residents and community members to get involved in improving the health of the estuary. To find out more and register your interest in growing the mussels CLICK HERE.

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