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Update on calves born this season

Resident Inland dolphin population:

Within the resident dolphin community of the Peel- Harvey Waterways ( excluding the coastal dawesville dolphins) there has been 10 dolphin calves born this season.

Sadly 4 of these calves are deceased, - three of unknown reasons and the last euthanised.

Gem born to Lucy - male, deceased 2 weeks (body found later)

Ember born to Coal - female, deceased 6 weeks ( body found later)

Jingles born to Christmas - female

Highjinxs born to Hightouchy - male

Frankl born to Spike - sex unknown

Sailor born to Sea - female

Baloo born to Mowgli - female

Celestial born to Wendy - deceased 3 weeks ( body never found)

Dove born to Prince - sex unknown

Calf born to Nikki - male - Euthanised at 3 weeks

The news is happier within the coastal dawesville dolphins where there was a mini population boom of 7 new calves this season. All appear to be alive and well.

See all the calves:

You can read more and see all the calves both residents and coastals here

Click on current season calves in the menu or scroll down to 2022

How can we help?

We can all help protect the new calves by slowing down in boats, not driving over or through pods, watching dolphins from a distance and correctly disposing of all rubbish and fishing line.

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