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Meet our Town Dolphins

Updated: Feb 25

Mandurah is so lucky to have a number of wild dolphins who have chosen to spend a lot of their time in our town waters. This means we can regularly see these dolphins, and you can identify them by their dorsal fin markings.

To ensure they continue to use this area, when boating we all need to

Slow down, Go Around and Watch from a distance.

The Adult Females

Topnotch. Angus. Lowblow. Nicky

These adult females have chosen to frequent the town waters and raise many calves there, who now also use the area regularly.

They were mostly named by a dolphin researcher in 2012 for their identifying features, with Angus later being found to be female.

Nicky (or Nikki) was named by Mandurah Cruises. She is Mandurah's most well known dolphin.

Their current calves

Hopscotch - female

( mum Topnotch)

Weaned calves

Top row

Brave -male (mum Angus)

Storm - female ( mum Lowblow)

Bottom row

Solo - male (mum Nicky)

Carter - female ( mum Topnotch)

Their grown subadult male calves ( press play to watch the video)

Both Autumn and Surprise dorsal fins have now changed - see Below

Autumn and Surprise

Which males do you see below?

Answer - from left to right

Brave, Surprise, Autumn and Linkin

Please Slow down, Go Around and Watch from a distance so they will always find the area a safe place to be.

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