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Koa's fight for survival

🙏 Koa - the little dolphin calf who lived up to it's name 🙏

"Koa means a warrior, valiant one, brave, bold, and fearless" 💙

Estuary Guardians found little 2 months old Koa severely entangled in netting, the netting going through it's mouth and around its body several times. Some of the lines appeared very tight. Trying to help this small calf immediately became priority.

We thank DBCA rangers for their prompt attendances to help this calf, whilst still trying to deal with three other entangled whales and dolphin elsewhere.

Together with the rangers, Dr. Krista Nicholson and our amazing volunteers assisting in searches, efforts continued to try to safely disentangle Koa.

It is impossible to understand how difficult this is, until you are actually faced with the situation. Dolphins are highly mobile animals in a marine environment, are very protective mothers, coupled with variable weather, and stretched resources.

With a gentle guiding tail movement, mother Anna was able to ensure Koa was just out of reach, not understanding we were all there to help.

Hopes rallied when the netting appeared to break and loosen in some areas.

We are completely thrilled to advise we found Koa yesterday with no visible netting!

We all hope and 🙏 Koa can make a full recovery from this awful incident.

What this calf endured was human caused.

It highlights we MUST increase all efforts to keep our waterways clean.

Please join in with any community clean ups, stop and pick up any litter you see, and slow down and go around our dolphins!

You might just save a life.

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